Top 5 Field Service Management Companies

Field Service Management Company

The goal of field service management is to empower your employees with the tools they need to provide excellent customer service in every interaction. What is considered “traditional” field service management is changing. Therefore, knowing which field service management companies are the best can help your mobile workers succeed.

Field service management is the process of overseeing and enhancing a company’s field workers, equipment, services, and operations. Field service management includes the following key processes:

  • Scheduling and assigning work orders
  • Reassigning workers to new tasks
  • On-the-job communication with field workers
  • Product inventory management
  • Gathering data from the field

At CSMI, we develop, establish, manage and supervise technical field services, which are critical to the long-term viability of technologies for US customers and FMS cases.

Our field services capabilities help companies in the aerospace and defense industries streamline workforce operations by optimizing field service management. This has numerous advantages, including increased productivity and simplified daily life. This is true not only for field workers on the job site but also for office administrators.

The Importance of Field Service Management Companies

Many organizations in the Aerospace and Defense sectors conduct their most critical business functions away from company property. The complexity of the services provided in the field, as well as how those services are managed, has increased as technology has advanced.

Our cutting-edge field service management solutions at CSMI are essential for keeping a business competitive. Modern field service management can help your business overcome the following operational challenges:

  • High overhead expenses
  • Billing cycles are lengthy
  • Scheduling and dispatching are inefficient
  • Inadequate visibility into field operations
  • There is a lack of communication and collaboration
  • Inability to gather, analyze, and share useful data
  • Employee retention is important
  • Compliance with regulations

Because field service management companies oversee so many critical business operations, working with the right field service management company is critical to success. Let’s take a look at some of the top companies in the Field Service Management sector.

The Best Field Service Management Companies

#1) CSMI

CSMI is a technology integration, operations support, and technical services provider. CSMI offers technology fielding, installation and commissioning, integrated logistics support (ILS), long term sustainment worldwide, asset management, and comprehensive lifecycle support to defense, government, and commercial customers.

They are an Aerospace and Defense Certified Veteran Enterprise (CVE) Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). The company was founded in 2002 to support Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Cyber, Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C5ISR), Antiterrorism Force Protection (ATFP), Asset Protection, and related technologies.

To tackle challenging, urgent basic and applied research and engineering problems, the scientists and engineers at CSMI collaborate in project teams. Innovative initiatives and R&D for a range of disciplines are projects that require expertise to complete difficult engineering and scientific solutions.

In addition, CSMI draws on its extensive development and management of technical field services. They can then coordinate and lead efforts to implement and maintain technology support programs for US Clients and Host Nation Allies.

CSMI provides technical field services management and oversight to sustainable technologies for US Customers and Foreign Military Sales (FMS) cases.

CSMI program managers (PM) are experienced operational planners who manage projects through all stages of execution and collaborate with end-users to develop CONOPS development to ensure that technology deployment and maintenance efforts are fully integrated.

Because customer operational requirements are frequently dynamic, CSMI’s management team scales support to customers based on their changing needs.

#2) Exel

Exel, founded in 1985, is a market leader in the provision of comprehensive business solutions for manufacturers and field service providers based in the United Kingdom. Field service managers use Exel’s proprietary FSM software, Eagle, which allows engineers to access real-time data and resources directly from their touchscreen devices or mobile phones.

The software system enables service engineers to obtain information quickly and transmit it directly to the back office management system. Eagle, which was developed as part of their ERP system, is a one-stop shop for field service engineers that can be hosted both on-premises and in the cloud and is capable of all the functionalities that any field service client may require.

Exel uses its own FSM software, Eagle, to provide field engineers with real-time data and resources via touchscreen devices or mobile phones. Service engineers can use the software to quickly obtain information and relay it to the back office management system.

The “Eagle Field Service” software is a one-stop shop for field engineers that can be hosted on-premises or in the cloud and was developed as part of their ERP system. It also includes all of the features that any field service client might require.

Users can also manage regular maintenance visits and monitor service engineers’ schedules, availability, and optimum time slots with the Eagle Assisted Scheduling module.

#3) Airbus

Next on our list of the top field service management companies is Airbus. When it comes to field service mobility, Airbus takes a different approach than other companies. This is due to the company’s operating model as well as the breadth of its portfolio. Airbus embeds mobility with its customers rather than relying on digital devices, with its employees having office space within the customer’s facilities.

Airbus does not communicate via traditional phone lines or even the internet. The company’s handling of extremely sensitive materials, for example, raises obvious security concerns.

Traditional communication tools, on the other hand, are simply incapable of the speeds required for Airbus to function. Instead, each office has a leased line, and the company is transitioning from a digital connection to an optical line to achieve the required communication speeds.

Airbus has also integrated a mobile SAP platform to assist field service technicians and engineers with technical requests. This platform also serves a secondary purpose by creating a database of information that all interested parties can access from any connected device.

This addresses the issue of a large number of field service professionals leaving the industry and taking their knowledge and experience with them. As a result, they help to close a knowledge gap and strengthen the long-term viability of Airbus’ field service function.

#4) AutoGrid

AutoGrid is dedicated to applying the power of Big Data, predictive analytics, and Internet-scale computational techniques to electricity generation and consumption.

The company’s Energy Data Platform (EDP) and a suite of Energy Internet applications help global utilities, energy service providers, and Internet-of-things (IoT) vendors improve customer engagement, grid reliability, and flexibility, and pursue new business initiatives.

The AutoGrid team works to hasten the world’s transition to a clean, affordable, and dependable energy system. Their founder, Amit Narayan, envisions applying the technologies that have revolutionized computing to the electrical grid.

Why not use the microprocessor chip as a model for optimizing the electric grid, with its circuits carrying billions of bits of data and energy at breakneck speeds? Amit assembled a team of world-class software, data science, and energy experts in 2011 to create a new category of software focused on energy flexibility management.

At the heart of what AutoGrid does is the notion that the flexible capacity from grid-connected distributed energy resources (DER) that can be ramped up or down must be optimized to support an efficient, decarbonized grid.

Aggregating, optimizing, and dispatching flexible resources in real-time and on a large scale helps to integrate significantly more renewable energy into the grid. It also offers a slew of other benefits, including increased grid reliability, full monetization of distributed energy resources, and the ability for energy companies to improve customer satisfaction.

The company was established in 2011 and is based in Redwood City, California. Schneider Electric acquired AutoGrid on May 11th, 2022. The transaction’s terms were not disclosed.

#5) Wise

Wise Systems, trusted by the world’s leading brands, provides autonomous dispatch and routing software that enables our customers to compete successfully in an ever-changing world.

Both consumers and business customers must know when their deliveries will arrive. The Customer Portal from Wise Systems enables your customers to track their orders throughout the day and receive accurate real-time ETAs. They can also be notified when deliveries are on their way or are delayed.

The autonomous dispatch and routing platform from Wise Systems employ machine learning to continuously improve fleet efficiency, performance, and service over time by automatically scheduling routes, monitoring routes in progress, and intelligently adjusting to on-the-ground delays.

Wise Systems’ Route Planner is a powerful web-based application that calculates optimal routes while accounting for your operation’s unique variables and constraints. It can be used by your dispatchers to optimize the delivery plan for static, dynamic, or hybrid routing.

Furthermore, in real-time, the dispatcher can customize route zoning, on-demand orders, and time windows.

The cloud-based Dispatcher from Wise Systems combines power with unparalleled ease of use to provide complete visibility and control over your operations. The dispatcher monitors routes from route progress to driver performance, making changes as needed throughout the day to ensure on-time deliveries while maximizing efficiency and customer service.

Dispatcher changes are automatically synchronized with Driver, the Wise Systems mobile app used by drivers. Dashboards for reporting are also included in Dispatcher.

The Best FSM Company for Your Business

The most efficient way to implement Field Service Management is to first determine what you want, then find qualified field service managers, address basic needs, analyze data, and train the workforce. If you have any further questions about CSMI’s field service management capabilities, get in touch with our team today