Top 5 Field Service Management Software Programs

Field Service Management Software

A recent report predicts that the field service management (FSM) software market will grow by USD 3.68 billion between 2020 and 2025. Needless to say, the field service management industry is thriving and shows no signs of abating.

To secure your seat on this fast-moving train, you must have the right tools at your disposal to manage your complex set of daily processes efficiently. This includes answering incoming service calls to assigning them to available field technicians. 

On a broader level, it entails keeping in touch with your entire workforce and tracking job progress in real-time while they’re out in the field. Fortunately, field service management software allows you to accomplish this with a single tool.

Modern businesses can use field service management (FSM) software to process job orders, dispatch technicians, and collect payment in the field, among other things. However, FSM software is notorious for requiring much oversight and control.

CSMI offers Integrated Logistics Support for a broad range of technologies and systems. We work with critical technologies such as C5ISR, anti-terrorism, and force protection (ATFP). Our primary focus is on providing customers who rely on critical systems support with system integration, technical sustainment/maintenance/repair, training, and operational support.

We obviously consider ourselves industry leaders in the field of service management. See our top choices for the best field service software available right now. Hopefully, you’ll have a clearer idea of what is available and be able to find one that best fits the requirements of your business and your budget.

When Should You Invest in Field Service Management Software?

Managing multiple technology support services programs in the field used to be difficult. With the help of effective FSM software, you can now quickly streamline, optimize, and automate your field service processes. This is the most efficient method for helping you and your team in completing more work in less time. 

FSM software also allows you to specify work schedules to avoid having two technicians working on the same project at the same time or sending someone from one side of town to the other.

In addition, the majority of field service management software includes on-hand inventory status to include reorder points, preventive maintenance schedules, individual system bill of materials, technical bulletins, invoicing and payment processing. So you don’t have to juggle multiple tools and apps. Instead of managing those things separately, everything is now centralized in one location.

Top 5 Field Service Management Software Programs

Synchroteam Software

Synchroteam is a cloud-based field service management and scheduling tool that serves companies of all sizes in the cleaning, construction, electrical, and HVAC industries.

Synchroteam offers functionalities for managing contacts, scheduling, dispatching, and work orders. Users can drag and drop tasks into employees’ schedules based on the workers’ availability, location, and qualifications. The solution also gives dispatchers a live view of their field personnel.

Users can customize reports to ensure that field employees record specific metrics and parameters about jobs and customers. Synchoteam also provides iOS and Android mobile apps, allowing employees to access the solution from anywhere. APIs for integration with various CRM and ERP systems, as well as user websites, are available.

Additionally, Synchroteam provides users with inventory management, billing, and invoicing capabilities. Services such as phone, email, and other online resource support are made available on a monthly subscription basis.

Synchroteam stands out for several reasons. One of the most important is their inventory system. This impressive software includes a good inventory system that allows users to transfer stock from the ‘warehouse’ to company cars while knowing who has what.

Synchroteam’s pricing is very reasonable and affordable for a new business. It is set up logically and intuitively. Creating clients, jobs, and sites is simple, and the details page for each is well laid out for easy information digestion.


For years, Connecteam’s multifunctionality has earned it top rankings. As an all-in-one field service management software solution, it gives you the tools you need to manage your daily processes and team easily and efficiently, even while on the go.

The Scheduling feature allows you to quickly and easily schedule shifts and dispatch jobs based on your technicians’ availability and qualifications. To save time, use recurring shifts, templates, drag-and-drop, or copy previous shifts.

Attach all relevant details, files, and information to shifts so that field service technicians can access them directly from their cell phones.

With the Task Management feature, you can easily create, assign, and manage tasks, as well as provide your employees with the necessary information. You can keep track of task progress in real-time by viewing task status updates, and you can communicate using the Work Chat feature.

You can also use the employee Time Clock to see your employees’ current GPS location. So there’s no need for constant back-and-forth communication to figure out where everyone is.

Connecteam field service management software is used by many small businesses to avoid miscommunications, delays, and errors, streamline daily operations, and simplify communications. It allows small business owners and managers to do away with paper.


UpKeep is an Asset Operations Management solution that gives every Maintenance and Reliability team the tools and data they need to run their operations efficiently and effectively.

Upkeep’s software provides businesses with the tools they need to run efficiently. You can manage work orders and assets while receiving real-time data to solve problems on the fly with the platform. UpKeep is designed for your field workers and includes powerful features to help them complete their tasks.

UpKeep is a mobile-first CMMS software that provides a platform for managing all work orders and history, making life easier for managers and small business owners.

The Asset Operations Management solution from UpKeep is mobile-first and created for maintenance teams. You have access to work orders, inventory, and complete asset life cycle data. 

Thanks to Asset Operations Management, maintenance technicians have the resources necessary to maximize their output and efficiency. They also can connect crucial field data with applications throughout the organization.

Upkeep’s Asset Operations Management system addresses the pain points that have prevented teams from achieving a unified view of their contributions to supporting business performance (ease of use, adoption, data accessibility, and support).


Repair-CRM is a mobile field service app for small and medium-sized field service companies such as plumbing, HVAC, maintenance, landscaping, and roofing. The software is intended to help small field service companies grow by scheduling and dispatching technicians as well as tracking job progress.

Repair-CRM assists supervisors in scheduling jobs for technicians and tracking locations in real-time using GPS technology. Using the barcode scanning functionality, managers can track inventory, monitor consumption usage, and access equipment or customer information related to the item. 

Administrators can assign client groups to technicians and set role-based permissions in Repair-CRM.

Repair-CRM includes a CRM module that allows users to collect and store multiple contacts and address information for team members. The app allows coordinators to create work orders for employees, record site issues, upload photos, and send email notifications to customers. 

Customers can provide daily feedback, allowing supervisors to keep scoreboards and completed work ratings.

Repair-CRM enables you to keep your customers happy by resolving their problems on the first visit, thereby increasing your efficiency! With up-to-date inventory control, you can benefit from improved scheduling and planning.

Keeping track of your assets and the schedules of your technicians can help you save money by lowering your operating costs.


EyeOnTask is a field service management software that is delivered as a service. It makes it easier to organize and manage clients, jobs, invoices, inventory, equipment, and contracts in all service industries, including HVAC, plumbing, cleaning, pest control, CCTV, and construction.

Users can use EyeOnTask to create quotations, convert quotations into jobs, create multiple services under a single job, add equipment to the job, and assign jobs to multiple field workers.

EyeOnTask’s essential features include job scheduling, location tracking, custom forms, a customer portal, billing and invoicing, inventory management, equipment and audit management, expense management, multi-language support, powerful reporting, contract management, and much more.

EyeOnTask creates a roadmap to help users understand each step and assists the team in developing and carrying out an action plan. The back office manager can view key performance indicators such as active jobs, active clients, active fieldworkers, active jobs per fieldworker, jobs per month, clients per month, completed jobs, upcoming jobs, and contract details on the widget-enabled dashboard.

Invoices can also be sorted by the number of hours worked. Users can also use a map to track the location of field workers and jobs, allowing managers to track the position of the field worker and assign the nearest unit to a job. 

EyeOnTask also provides field workers with detailed driving directions via Maps. EyeOnTask users can also manage leads and turn them into appointments, jobs, and audits.


Field service management software (FSM) is a highly complex landscape with so many options to choose from that it can be difficult to even consider which vendors may be right for your business. CSMI can help you find solutions with the right features for your company. Contact our CSMI team today for more information!