Program Management

CSMI provides program management and oversight that is critical to the deployment and sustainment of technologies under dynamic conditions. CSMI program managers (PM) are seasoned operations planners who manage projects through all phases of execution and assist end-users in developing CONOPS to ensure that the technology deployment and sustainment is a completely integrated effort.

  • Demonstrable experience in Africa, Southwest Asia and Latin America
  • Highest quality hands-on management
  • Bilingual, certified program managers

Because of the dynamic nature of field operations, CSMI’s management team is always prepared to support our customers based on their changing needs.

CSMI PMs perform the following functions:

  • Asset and resource planning
  • Operations execution and oversight
  • Customer management, education, and concept of operations development
  • Personnel management of deployed team members
  • Direct interface with OEMs, acquisition organizations, and US government representatives for asset tracking, equipment demonstrations, and customer meetings and briefings

Periodic program reporting, which includes:

  • Program Metrics and Technical Data
  • Contract CDRLS and Financial Analysis
  • Personnel accountability and administration
  • Logistics overview
  • Customer Requirements
  • Deliverables and Milestones

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