Operations Planning and Development

CSMI leverages decades of field operations planning and management experience by selecting seasoned personnel to plan and lead security technology deployment and sustainment efforts.

CSMI has substantial experience conducting site surveys and assessments for the integration of security technologies in challenging high-traffic environments that are under a heightened security posture. We can accurately assess the local environment and develop key sustainment and performance factors such as:

  • Concept of operations
  • Logistical supply and host nation customs clearance
  • Communications and reporting requirements
  • Operator training
  • Life support for program personnel
  • Customer interface

Operational planning and development includes the following considerations:

  • Numbers and types of systems to be deployed
  • End-use customer points of contact, requirements, and expectations
  • Ratio of FSRs to systems
  • Environment where systems will be deployed and dispersion/accessibility
  • Administrative footprint and personnel life support requirements
  • Logistical options for the storage and movement of spare parts
  • Reporting requirements
  • Customer management and education on technology applications
  • System operator training requirements
  • Security considerations
  • Local in-country transportation
  • Access procedures for secure sites
  • Personnel processing and travel requirements