Technical Training and New Equipment Training (NET)

CSMI provides multiple OEM-endorsed mobile training teams (MTT) and static facility training programs for U.S. Military end-users and Host Nation personnel. Our OEM-certified Field Service Representatives (FSR) serve as technical trainers and provide our customers with the capability to provide NET and on-site follow-on training to end-use personnel.

CSMI has provided technical and NET training for a large number of U.S., Host Nation, and third country nationals including Iraqis, Ugandans, British, Polish, Pakistanis, Afghans, South Africans, Mexicans and Hondurans.

CSMI provides tactical trainers who deploy to forward locations to support our customers with NET training and assist individual units to develop SOPs and CONOPS for system employment. Our tactical trainers have substantial experience integrating technology with tactics techniques and procedures (TTPs). Our training background and experience directly translates to a shortened integration period, allowing maximum benefit from tactical security technologies.

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