Field Maintenance and Repair

CSMI supports the operation of large numbers of technology-based systems.
CSMI Field Service Representatives (FSRs) perform electronic, electromechanical, mechanical maintenance, and communications support on deployed technologies in austere and difficult-to-support environments OCONUS.

Field personnel are factory trained and certified on original equipment manufacturer (OEM) equipment at the manufacturer’s facility. Our FSRs receive “train-the-trainer” classes enabling them to provide operator training in the field. CSMI field service technicians are certified in the following
areas by the OEM:

  • System operation
  • Troubleshooting to component level and Field Replaceable Unit (FRU) level
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance actions
  • Software and hardware configuration and upgrades
  • Spare parts requirements
  • Operator training
  • Management of metrics

CSMI field maintenance technician teams are forward deployed and are often embedded with US government customers or located on-site at host nation facilities. This ensures for a rapid response to maintenance and field repair issues, thereby resulting in minimal down time and maximum utilization of the equipment. CSMI FSRs perform the following functions:

  • Support initial fielding of systems and provide new equipment training (NET) and refresher training as needed
  • Implement supply chain coordination with the end-use customer and CSMI logistical personnel
  • Troubleshoot to component level if required, diagnose system performance, repair (remove & replace), and evacuate system components
  • Perform technology upgrades and system modifications
  • Perform battle damage assessment and repair (BDAR)
  • Assist equipment end-users in the effective implementation, operation, and maintenance of the system
  • Coordinate with end-use customers and the CSMI program office for status reporting

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